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medical background

Master of Advanced Cardiac Surgery

Dept. of Cardiac Surgery - Cardiovascular Institute.
Hospital Clínico San Carlos - Madrid, october 15th-16th, 2019.
This course complies with the Ethic Code of Health Technology Industry (FENIN)

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The main objectives of this Master are to learn the medical and surgical management of the new diagnostic methods and the most advanced surgical techniques in the field of cardiac valvular pathology.


Luis Maroto Roberto Di Bartolomeo


Javier Cobiella Manuel Carnero Fernando Reguillo

First day - Tuesday, october 15th - 2019

Opening (08:00-08:10) L.Maroto/ R. Di Bartolomeo

Session I. Thoracic Aorta Disease
08:10h - 13:30h

Moderators: I. Vilacosta / R. Di Bartolomeo

Case presentation and Heart Team. Dr. Pérez Camargo
Live case 1. Frozen Elephant Trunk with E-vita Open Plus
The role of multidisciplinary teams in the treatment of thoracic aorta diseases. I. Vilacosta FET technique with Thoraflex™ prosthesis: step by step. R. Di Bartolomeo


FET technique with E-vita™ Open Plus prosthesis: step by step. L. Maroto Endovascular treatment of descending thoracic aorta. J.J. Legarra E-vita™ Open NEO. C. Moscheni. Discussion. - Speakers


Session II. Advanced treatment for mitral valve disease
14:30h - 18:00h

Moderators: Moderators: A. Weber / L. Maroto

Case presentation and Heart Team. L. Montero
Live case 2: Transapical Off- Pump Mitral Valve Repair
New devices for MV repair/replacement: what we have know, what we can expect from the future. A. Weber What do we need to know from imaging diagnosis to perform new MV repair procedures? P. Mahia


Four years results and clinical outcomes with NeoChord™. A. Colli Discussion - Speakers


Second day - Wednesday, october 16th - 2019

Session III. Atrial fibrillation
08:00h - 13:30h

Moderators: B. Van Putte / J. Villacastín

Case presentation and Heart Team. E. Villagrán
Live case 3: Totally thoracoscopic MAZE procedure
Triggers and substrates in AFib. Whats´s new? J.J. González Do (not) stop anticoagulation after LAA exclusion. D. Vivas


Hybrid solutions for stand alone persistent AFib. B. Van Putte How to start a concomitant AFib surgery program: tips, tricks and pitfalls. M. Carnero Discussion. - Speakers
Conference: Big data in cardiovascular disease. A. Romero


Session IV. Comprehensive management of aortic stenosis - 14:30h - 18:00h

Moderators: L. Maroto/ F. Reguillo

Cases presentation and Heart Team. E. Villagrán
Live case 4. TAVI trans-axillary. Portico™.
Comprehensive management of aortic stenosis in asymptomatic patients. C. Olmos TAVI: Where are we? L. Nombela The role of the cardiac surgeon in the TAVI procedure. J. Garrido


Outcomes of sutureless aortic valve replacement. J. López National trends in Aortic Valve Replacement in Spain in the last 20 years. M. Carnero Discussion - Speaker

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